Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Meeting Recap

Reports / Announcements

H*Art Gallery

Denise gave an update on the H*Art Gallery workshop that was held on April 20th. Since our time is limited with the workshop attendees, it is felt we need to "rethink" the projects we offer. Several thoughts were shared as to what would be most beneficial to the attendees and the Gallery. Workdays will be scheduled to get projects ready for the next workshop. Denise also reported that 5 of the toiletry bags we had donated for sale had sold. Kudos to the ChattMQG!

Community Quilt Show

Sandi announced the 2nd Annual Community Quilt Show to be held at Hamilton Place Mall.  The Show will be on display August 30 — September  27, 2015. In addition, a "VIP Block Party" event will be held on Thursday, September 17th, from 6:00—8:00 p.m. in connection with AQS QuiltWeek-Chattanooga. A "Call for Quilts" along with the Rules and Guidelines will be sent to area quilters within the next week via email.

Resource Committee Established

Since our Guild has accumulated funds through membership dues and our work at last years AQS Show, it was decided to establish a Resource Committee. This committee will be responsible for utilizing our funds to best benefit the Guild and our commitment to Education and Community. Committee members are Camille, Karen S., Pam, and Sandi.

December ChattMQG Quilt Show

Ask and you shall receive! Several members have commented they would like to see all of the "Putting It in to Practice" Series Quilts together. In connection with our December Holiday/End of Year Party, we will have a Series Quilt Show. More details will follow in upcoming meetings.

May Program - "Finishing School"

Our May program focused on quilt finishing techniques; Basting, Binding and Facing a quilt.
  • Janet demonstrated "Basting", more specifically, "Board Basting" a quilt. This is a unique, but ingenious way to baste a quilt while saving your back and knees.
  • Jackie demonstrated "Bindings". Jackie took us through the steps of sewing the binding on a quilt to get those perfect corners, and also shared examples of various binding applications.
  • Mary demonstrated "Facing" a quilt. This is a technique that is typically found on small wall quilts, but is finding it's way onto much larger quilts. Mary shared a great way to eliminate that "bulk" in the corners to create a professional finish.
Janet and Mary shared online tutorials they found useful for their demonstrations.

Show and Tell…

1. Carolyn Rippee  2. Catherine Price  3. Sandi Suggs
4. Janet Suber  5. and 6. Patricia Steadman
7. Robbie Maddox  8. Jean Larson  9. Joan Thornbury

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Catching-Up on Pictures

February Show and Tell…

1. Jackie Cory   2. Martha Griffin   3. Karen Downer   4. Joan Thornbury
5. Camille Miller   6. Patricia Steadman   7. Karen Sperry   8. Marcia Taschenberger
9. Mary Keasler   10. "Team Jean" Finished Quilt   11. Janet Suber

Quilts from our "Putting It in to Practice" Series…
1. Carolyn Rippee   2. Patricia Steadman   3. Jean Larson   4. Theresa Kitchell   5. Mary Keasler

But wait, there's more!

March Show and Tell…
1. Joan Thornbury   2. Denise Ohlman   3. Pam McCallie
4. Audrey Workman   5. Karen Sperry
6. 7. and 9. Nancy Packard   8. Martha Steele

"Putting It in to Practice" Quilts…
1. Camille Miller  2. Carolyn Rippee   3. Janet Suber   4. Theresa Kitchell

And Last, at least with "catching up"

April Show and Tell…

1. Patricia Steadman  2. Melissa Klingensmith  3. Jackie Cory
4. Jackie Cory  5. Diana Morris  6. Audrey Workman   7. Theresa Kitchell  8. Nancy Packard  9. Jan Webster

Phew! All caught up, with the exception of our May meeting, and it is coming soon.
This has been a busy group of quilters!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Meeting Recap

The ChattMQG met on Saturday, April 11. 

Outreach Reports

National Quilt Day: Stitch in the Mall (Sandi Suggs)

Sandi was happy to let us know that this city-wide quilting event raised $650 for our local charity, The Next Door — Chattanooga, where women who are currently incarcerated are gaining job and life skills that will equip them for re-entering society. To read more about this organization, check out their website:

The Next Door

The Mall people who worked with the quilters estimated that between 1000 and 2000 people came through and saw the quilts. Afterwards, each guild president and event sponsor received a large and unique thank you note and we saw a stack of those at our meeting.

Hexies at The H*art Gallery (Denise Ohlman)

Denise received some feedback from Gallery worker Brooke Montague. Although the clients enjoyed the hexie project, it might be a better idea if we could share projects that they could complete during the art lesson. Denise suggested that we make finished bags, table runners, wall hangings, or painted pillows in advance and let the clients embellish them. 

The next visit to the gallery happened Thursday, April 24. We'll hear about how that went at our May meeting.

Project for April: Hexies and the Big Stitch

Project organizers brought us pre-cut grey fabric, fusible batting, and backing. They shared punched cardstock hexagons, needles, silk thread, 2-1/2" fabric squares (3 each person), pins, embroidery floss and moral support as Denise showed us how to make hexies from fabric, glue-baste them to our quilt sandwich, and prepare to quilt with big stitches. And Sandi walked around giving up-close and personal demonstrations , which helped greatly for the nearsighted among us who forgot to bring binoculars.

Here's a screen shot borrowed from Sandi's Instagram account showing her finished hexie mug rug.

We took our supplies and work-in-progress home with us. President Janet generously shared embroidery thread from her collection with those who wanted to add more color.

If you borrowed thread from Janet, please remember to bring it back on May 9.

So keep stitching on your mug rug / little art quilt and have fun learning what are new techniques for many of us!

Our next meeting will be Saturday, May 9 at 10:00 AM.