Friday, August 14, 2015

August Meeting Recap

August Meeting Recap 


H*art Gallery Outreach Project

Karen D will offer a beginner class about quilting after the Bessie Smith Hall exhibit. The H*art Gallery has offered to let us use their sewing machines for the class.

Denise took some partially made pieces to the gallery and our team worked with the artists there, showing them ways to embellish the pieces with hexies. The artists have glued the hexies to the quilted base fabrics but now we need volunteers to hand stitch the edges of the hexies to the base fabrics.

The gallery was gifted about 100 small red silky purses. Denise passed around a bag of them and encouraged those who might have ideas to take them home and embellish them so they could be sold at the gallery. They are about 3-1/2" x 3" and already assembled with gold piping, an envelope flap snap closure, and internal zipper, but the silky fabric can be gently pulled away from the lining. Bring back your purse and your ideas in September.

Do you remember the fabric-covered jars? Our team will be making kits for these so they can be sold as ready-to-assemble art projects at H*art.

The two charity quilts we donated to the Gallery (see last month’s blog post for photos) will be sold at auction for a fundraiser. The starting bid will be $150 for each quilt.

If you want to contribute items for James, the gallery artist who has obtained housing and needs furniture and other household items, please call the gallery and make arrangements to deliver your stuff.

Another H*art Gallery will be opening soon in Memphis.

Nominating Committee Needs Names

Our officers will be retiring at the end of this year and we need volunteers for one-year terms: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Are you interested, or do you have any suggestions? Email our nominating committee:

Pam: pammccallie at
Jean:  jmlarson65 at
Camille: caremi.1987 at

Our December Meeting Quilt Show and Party

We need to know what you plan to display in December by our November 8 meeting. We are looking for quilts made from our Design Series programs earlier this year. Your quilts do not need hanging sleeves. Please bring the sizes of any quilts you want to display to Pam at our November meeting. It would be helpful to do it like this so Pam can plan the layout in advance:

Your name
Quilt name / design series 
Dimensions of quilt (width x length)

MQG Member Charity Challenge

At our July meeting Pam announced that our guild will be participating in The MQG Member Charity Challenge and asked for ideas.

Audrey talked to us about Improv with Intent and shared a few examples of work in progress.

Dave Chihuly’s blown glass was the inspiration for this piece.

This is an improv version of a photo of the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

This is more carefully constructed but was improvised from a photo of the cooling towers at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant.

Mary K showed us a quilt she made that was inspired by a visit to Italy. Rather than trying to replicate what she saw, she worked to capture the feeling of being in Italy surrounded by the old buildings.

After some discussion, we agreed to make a quilt that captures the essence of the Riverfront. We will start with a drawing then divide that into sections the same way we did to make our Tennessee River project. At our September meeting we will have section drawings, fabric, guidelines and directions ready to hand out to those who signed up to participate. Fifteen people signed up to help. Audrey, Jean and Mary are the steering committee for this project.


Battlefield Piecemakers will be at Grand Oak Retreat in Scottsboro, Alabama, and they have one opening. Dates are August 27 – 29 and cost is $265.

Get in touch with Karen S if you want to go!

Our Team Jean Charity Quilt group has chosen a recipient! This one will be gifted to a family from Habitat for Humanity in October when they move into their new home.

August Program: Straight Line Quilting

Pam brought a large model of a Bernina walking foot and explained to us how she uses the marks on the foot for reference when she is quilting straight lines.

Here are some of Pam’s tips:

Mark your quilt before basting it. You don’t need to mark every line but make some lines for reference.

Use a walking foot for quilting. It will help you avoid puckers. You may still need to reduce your presser foot pressure to get an even feed with no pulling.

If your walking foot does not have reference marks for ½”, ¼”, and 1/8”, you can add those with a Sharpie. They will help you know where you need to pivot if you are quilting right angles.

Start by quilting your lines one half inch apart. Begin near the middle of your quilt. Start sewing along a reference mark and either continue past the edge of the quilt top or pivot and travel along an inside edge to the next line position. Know your stitch length and count how many stitches you need to make before you pivot and begin the next line. This number will be consistent.

Sew one way and then the other (top to bottom, then bottom to top) to help avoid distortion. Sometimes you will still need to block a finished quilt to make your lines square.

Tie knots by hand and then use a self-threading needle to bury them, rather than relying on your machine’s thread-knotting capability.

For matchstick quilting, first sew your ½” interval lines. That helps anchor the fabric. Next go between these with ¼” lines, and finally sew in your 1/8” lines. Stop often to rest your eyes.

For matchstick quilting with a different texture, leave some lines out.

Pam uses Aurifil 50 weight thread, stitch length 2.8 for quilting. She pieces with a stitch length of 1.9 on her Bernina.

Watch the quilt in front of your needle instead of watching the needle.

Here are a few of Pam's own quilts that show examples of how straight line quilting can add a lot of interest and texture to a quilt.

Show and Tell

1. Denise Ohlman  2. Denise Ohlman
3. Gerry Haywood  4. Gerry Haywood  5. Jackie Cory
6. Martha Griffin  7. Melissa Klingensmith  8. Vanessa King

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Meeting Recap


Our H*art Gallery Outreach Project

Our next day to sew at the H*art Gallery is Thursday, July 23.

*Our team visited the gallery, worked with the clients, and left them with a couple of quilts. H*art's Executive Director and Founder Ellen Heavilon sent the following email to Denise:

Thank you again for these beautiful quilts! We feel so Blessed to have the support of the Modern Quilter's Guild. I think yesterday's project was well received and Jennifer (one of our new artists) said she enjoyed it. She was hesitant at first because she hadn't done it before. Once she started she felt right at home. Thank you for that.

All the best,

And thank you to our ladies who volunteered their time and energy that day!

Putting It Into Practice Quilt Show, December 12

By popular demand we will have our own quilt show of anything you have made or will make this year based on our series "Putting It Into Practice" where we designed modern quilts using L-Blocks, Quarter Square triangles, and Drunkard's Path blocks. You can find the directions in our blog side bar under the January, February and March Archives. Bring your quilts to our December 2015 meeting and we will hang them—no sleeves are required. we originally requested that they be 36" square but for this event any size will be okay.

Second Annual Community Quilt Show: A 4-Patch Celebration

Sandi is organizing this themed event happening at Hamilton Place Mall from August 30 until September 27 in support of AQS Quilt Week. Quilts will use a form or variation of the 4-patch quilt block. Originality is encourated.

The show is a fundraiser for The Next Door. Fun stuff includes a Viewer's Choice award and substantial prizes.

Hurry! The deadline of August 1 is fast approaching.

For all the information including size guidelines, entry form and general rules, follow these links.

Suggest a Speaker for ChattMQG

We are interested in having a nationally known quilter come to Chattanooga to offer a trunk show and workshop for us. These teachers are usually booked well in advance but we might be an attractive venue for someone who is scheduled for an event in a nearby major city. Think about it and let us know your ideas.

Quilt Week Show at Bessie Smith Hall

Karen has requested large quilts for this venue. Labels need to include the quilt name, maker's name, and contact information.

July Program: MQG Member Charity Challenge

Our Guild has entered the MQG Member Charity Challenge. Pam talked to us about the challenge and gave us handouts showing the accepted colors that can be used for the quilt. Basically, we design and make a quilt together and send it to Pasadena (QuiltCon West 2016) for display. They send it back and we select a recipient.

The color palette includes white, off-white, sunflower, tomato red, light teal, grey and black. Prints are allowed.

The method of design and construction will be Improv With Intent.

If you missed our meeting and Pam's handout you can log in to the MQS site and find the information there. 
  1. Login to with your own member email address and password.
  2. On the navigation header, look for About > Charity > Current Projects > QuiltCon 2016 Member Charity Challenge and read all about it.
  3. While on the website, also go to Events > Webinars Past > Improv With Intention by Cheryl Arkinson 07/30/2014 and watch the video to learn about the method.
The deadline for our quilt is February 3, 2016.

Our August Program will be Straight Line Quilting.

Congratulations to the eight AQS Semifinalists from ChattMQG!

Each of them has at least one quilt accepted for this year's show.

Veronica Hofman-Ortega
Mary Ramsey Keasler
Melissa Klingensmith
Jean Larson
Vista Scruggs Mahan
Nancy Packard
Karen Sperry
Patricia Steadman

Show and Tell

1. Jackie Cory  2. Audrey Workman
4. Nancy Packard  5. Gerry Haywood
7. Catherine Price  8. Catherine Price  9. Patricia Steadman

Monday, June 29, 2015

June Meeting Recap

Reports / Announcements

Guild Offices Available in January

Are you interested in being an officer of the CMQG for 2016? Please talk to a member of our nomination committee to find answers to your questions. Camille, Jean and Pam will be happy to hear from you.

Our H*art Gallery Outreach Project

Denise brought hexie kits for people to take home, prepare ten hexies, and return them at our July meeting. Our team will take hexies to the Gallery on Thursday, July 23. If you missed the meeting but want to help, get in touch with Denise.

Quilt Exhibit at Bessie Smith Hall

In conjunction with the AQS Quilt Week that happens in downtown Chattanooga, September 16-19, quilts will be displayed in Bessie Smith Hall for a couple of weeks around that time. Large quilts are preferred. The Hall has its own building security; there is only one entrance and it is locked unless the building is open for business. Stanchions will be in place in front of the quilts. If you want to have your quilt(s) displayed, please see Karen Danner.

Demonstrations at Art Creations in June

Wednesday, June 24, 2:30-3:30 pm: Gelato Pens
Tuesday, June 30, 1-4 pm: Marbling Fabric

Art Creations
7351 Commons Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 531-7606

Row By Row Experience, June 21 – September 8

Sort of like a shop hop, only you visit shops and pick up free patterns. Collect at least 8 row patterns from 8 different shops, make a quilt, and be eligible for prizes. Visit for all the info. Locally you can visit and for rows and sales. If you know of other local venues, please mention them in the comments below.

Knoxville MQG: Meadow Quilt Workshop with Lizzy House

September 5, 2015 (Labor Day Weekend)

Sign-ups are now open! The class will take place at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 6500 Northshore Dr., Knoxville, TN; beginning at 11:00 AM and concluding around 6:00 PM with a lunch break. You will learn the piecing of Lizzy's famous Meadow Quilt during the class. The cost of the class will be $125 for Modern Quilt Guild members and $150 for all others. We will need a 50% deposit due upon completion of this form. The balance will be due in mid-July. There are 18 spots available.

Go to to find the sign-up form and to see the Meadow Quilt.

It’s Sew Time: A New Machine Shop in Ringgold

ChattMQG guest Kathy Graham is owner of the shop It’s Sew Time in Ringgold, Georgia. Kathy is a Janome dealer. Her shop will have sewing classes but so far no fabric. Visit her at 7801 Nashville Street in Ringgold.

June Program - The Color Wheel

Many thanks to Vista for her excellent and comprehensive program on dynamic ways to use color in quilts.

Show and Tell

2. Audrey Workman  3. Carolyn Rippee  4. Carolyn Rippee
6. Jerry Eppinga  7. Delores Dady  8. Delores Dady
9. Jackie Cory  10. Karen Sperry  11. Patricia Steadman  12. Patricia Steadman
13. Denise Ohlman  14. Denise Ohlman  15. Denise Ohlman  16. Marcia Taschenberger