Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Modern Aesthetic—Putting It Into Practice, Part II

Our February Exercise in Design

This month we will experiment with design using the L-block and its variations. The L-block looks like (and sometimes is) a quarter of a log-cabin block and is constructed the same way.

Here is the information we received at the February meeting:

(We are not giving sewing instructions this time, so if you get confused, look up log-cabin block construction. That will point you in the right direction.)

From your CMQG handout or your printout from the link above, cut out the blocks (an old rotary blade can make this part faster) and arrange them into something you like on the graph paper provided. It is a good idea to design something, take a photo, and then try something else. That way you can make a bunch of them and use the one you like best. It works better to use repositionable tape rather than glue stick for a temporary hold.

Please bring your graph paper design, pieced top, or finished quilt to our March 14 meeting for show and tell.

Last month we were requested to use two contrasting colors, one light and one dark, to construct our design or quilt. Working that way will give you a strong design with a lot of emphasis. However, we now have a new directive:

Put something of yourself into every quilt you make.

That something can be fabric, color, story, style…whatever it takes to make it your own. But do keep in mind that our goal is learning more about designing MODERN quilts.

Solids Rock! Have Fun! 

Make It Modern!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Outreach Project: The H♥art Gallery

For our 2015 Outreach Project, the CMQG will be working with the Hart Gallery. Hart  is a place where homeless and non-traditional artists can receive materials and take classes to create marketable work for the gallery. The gallery is located at 110 East Main Street in Chattanooga. On the gallery website you can read all about their mission, see works of art, and find out how to get involved.

The Hart Gallery Website

Denise Ohlman, our CMQG Outreach Chair, has several projects with the Hart Gallery already underway. At our January meeting she asked for volunteers and has so many that she's drawing names to choose who goes in March and who waits until next time!

First Project: Hexies

We need donations of 2-1/2" squares. Please cut a 2-1/2" strip of starched fabric, then further cut it into 2-1/2" squares. Those already signed up to work will be contributing solids (and these people have been assigned colors; see link to Denise's letter below), so everyone else is asked to bring prints.

We can also use paper hexies punched from cardstock. These need to be 2" across the middle. Please bring them already punched.

Second Project: Wholecloth 

Participants will be provided dark background fabric and taught how to stitch straight-line or organic designs with 30-weight thread.

We can use donations of 30-weight thread, needles, thimbles, perle cotton, or monetary donations of $3 to $5.

Boxy Pouches

We will also contribute quilted boxy pouches to be used as toiletry bags. Anybody in the guild who wants to make one is welcome to do so. Denise needs to have these pouches before the March 12 day at the gallery, so if you can't bring a finished pouch to the February 14 meeting, you'll need to arrange a drop-off with Denise.

Here is a tutorial on constructing the boxy pouches.

Please bring your 2-1/2" starched squares, cardstock punched hexies, and finished boxy pouches to our February 14 meeting. 

Read Denise's letter to the guild here to find out even more details about our Hart Gallery projects.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Modern Aesthetic—Putting It Into Practice

Our January Exercise in Design

What Makes a Quilt Modern?

Here’s an excerpt:

According to the MQG, there are several characteristics that often appear in modern quilts. These are:
  • The use of bold colors and prints
  • High contrast and graphic areas of solid color
  • Improvisational piecing
  • Minimalism
  • Expansive negative space
  • Alternate grid work

“Modern traditionalism” or the updating of classic quilt designs is also often seen in modern quilting.

Remember, a modern quilt will likely have some but not all of these characteristics.

For the first three months of this year, the ChattMQG will offer exercises in modern design. Each month we will examine a quilting block, experiment with design on graph paper, and see what we can create.

The January block is the Quarter Square Triangle (QST) and its four variations.

Here is the information we received at the January meeting:

Cut out the already-printed blocks, arrange them into something you like on the graph paper provided, and have fun!

Please bring your graph paper design, pieced top, or finished quilt to our February meeting for show and tell.

Jean Larson will be doing a live tutorial on constructing the QST block immediately after our February meeting.