Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 QuiltCon!

Phew--home again and my head is swimming!  QuiltCon 2013 was a blast!  So much to see and do and inspiration.  You won't want to miss the March meeting and hear all that went on.  Gayle and I attended lots of classes, Janet and others a few and still others were meeting and greeting all the quilters and fabric folks big and small!

We will work on getting some posts on line between now and then and see you on March 9th!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jacquie Gering Features Chatt MQG on her blog

Jacquie Gering, co-author of Quilting Modern, the book we are using this year, posted our Log Cabin quilt in process on her blog today!

Thanks to Melody for letting us use the picture she took at our meeting!

See Jacquie's blog post here.

P.S.  - I can't wait to see that 82 item goodie bag!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

March's Mod Mosaic Block Challenge

Gayle is the head cheerleader for the monthly block challenge!  She had been hunting around the web and looking at other MQG sites and found an outline on the Minneapolis MQG and has adapted for our guild.  Here are the guidelines:

--Everyone interested in participating makes that month's block and brings it to
the meeting (or makes arrangements to get it to Sew-Bee-It in advance). At the
meeting, we will hold a drawing and one person will win all of the blocks.

--Block designs throughout the year will be an assortment of improv and
traditional designs. The blocks will begin with more basic designs and progress
in difficulty throughout the year (generally). For some of the more difficult
blocks, one of our members will give a demonstration.

--Blocks are generally 12.5" unfinished, but they could also be smaller blocks that
add up to that equivalent. The block size will always be listed in the instructions
for the block.
Other rules:
  • Blocks must be made of quilt shop quality fabric.
  • Blocks must be the correct size. When blocks are not it can be very difficult to get them all together into a quilt.
  • You can make up to three blocks per month; each block gets you one entry in the drawing.
  • If there are more than about 24 blocks in the pile, we will draw two names and split the pile in half.
  • Please label your block with your name (you can use an address label stuck to the back) so that the winner knows who made which block.
  • If you have previously won, you have to bring in a finished quilt made from your winning blocks to be eligible to win again, though you can still contribute to the block pool each month if you'd like.
  • Have fun!
With all that said, here is the challenge for the March meeting--a Mod Mosaic block!

Here are the sample blocks Gayle made for the February meeting (modeled by Joan!).  For more information on how to make Mod Mosiac blocks, head over to Elizabeth Hartman's website for a tutorial--  And if you have never checked out Elizabeth's website, this is a great opportunity to see her great website.

Some additional notes for the Mod Mosaic Block Challenge are:
  • Use a white or white on white fabric (no off white this time) for the sashing pieces to piece scraps togethery
  • Cut your sashing on the lengthwise grain parallel to the selvage (this will reduce stretching).
  • Use your scraps!
  • Blocks can be any size that works for you (yep, this is in contradiction to the above notes for this month)
  • Trim edges at the top and the bottom of the block so they are parallel and trim edges on the right  and left of the block so they are parallel as well (so you end up with a rectangle or square block).

What to do if you are one of the lucky winners--here are some ideas from the Minneapolis MQG website--

And as Gayle says--Have fun!!  If you have any questions, drop her an email or give her a call!  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whole lot of stitchin' goin' on recap

Joan's Modern Houses

I continue to be stunned and amazed at the creativity and enthusiasm of this group of quilting gals!  

We started off by taking care of some business--there is an updated Member's roster, we welcomed guests and got an update on our guild badges.

Pam's logo design and Debra's embroidery skills!

Gayle introduced a monthly block challenge and drawing based on the Minneapolis M
QG--and we are jazzed about it.  The first challenge is a Mod Mosiac and I will post more details later in the week.

Gayle's sample Mod Mosiac blocks for the March challenge

Janet presented the February program--Chapter 6 of the Quilting Modern book--Log Cabin Makeover.  

Janet--our program leader for February

This was also part of our Madrona Road Challenge and the number of blocks created by our gals was overwhelming!

Madrona Road Challenge Blocks

And the winners are:


We can't wait to see the completed quilts!  And there was still enough blocks to create a full size charity quilt.  Sounds like a Sew In day project...

Here is some of the  show and tell-

Gerry's Jelly Roll Quilt

Joan's Modern Placemats

And more detail

Janet's Tunnel Vision Sewing Machine Cover

Melody's Quilt As You Go Quilt
And if you were wondering about the guild's Logo Challenge, Sandi, Janet, Pam and I spent the afternoon at Sew Bee It working on the layout for the guild's banner.  Pam has spent a lot of time with all of the blocks and is becoming quite attached to them.  We are going to have some amazing banners!

Next month's program will be a recap of the trip to QuiltCon!  See you then!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Scant Quarter Inch

One of our members, Sharon Griffith, brought this web site to my attention. 

Here is a site that has some good info for new modern quilters. I don’t think you may need any of it but maybe our new members and some of us older members that are still trying to get that wonderful scant ¼”..

It might be helpful to someone in our group.