Monday, February 13, 2017

February Meeting Recap

Veronica moderates a panel discussion by (left to right) Joan, Theresa, Carolyn and Jackie

Viewpoints and Q-points Panel Discussion

What is your most favorite tool in your quilting arsenal? The rotary cutter might be the most popular but our panelists had some interesting additions.

Joan is enamored with her battery operated seam ripper razor. She throws caution to the wind and mows down her accidents with reckless abandon. "Aren't you afraid you might cut your fabric?" someone asked. "I can cut fabric just as well with my regular seam ripper!" Joan replied.

Theresa uses an oak tailor's clapper to get her seams to lie as flat as possible. "Press your seam with the iron then lay the clapper down on the hot seam. The wood absorbs the heat. It only adds a few seconds to your time but your seams lay flat. Also, you know how hard it is to fix the seam allowance when you have pressed in the wrong direction? The clapper makes it easy and you won't have lines."

Carolyn stressed the importance of having a good reference book, especially for new quilters. Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting is one of her favorites and is used by several others on the panel.

Jackie's favorite ruler is her 12-1/2" square, useful for a variety of tasks, and she says a quarter-inch machine foot is well worth the investment.

Moderator Veronica spoke about her hatchet ruler that has two corners chopped off. You can find more information about that ruler, as well as more on the panel discussion, on Veronica's personal blog.

Superior Thread was highly recommended, as was using a thinner thread (higher weight number) in the bobbin. Do that and you won't need to refill your bobbin as often.

The discussion on batting spread into the audience, and personal preference differs from one quilter to the next.

Each panelist had learned more about her craft from other quilters and they all had fond memories of those times.

"In the past, women would stitch together around a frame and talk about their lives and their problems. Nobody needed therapy back then!" shared Joan.


ChattMQG Dues: $35 for 2017
Therapy: $100 per session
You decide.


Upcoming Mary Kerr Workshop

Join us on the weekend of April 7-8 for a lecture and trunk show (Friday) and workshop (Saturday afternoon) by Mary Kerr, specialist in Modern Traditionalism. Turn your vintage blocksand maybe even your own abandoned onesinto a modern treasure with Mary's help. 

But hurry! We only have three workshop spaces left.

Sign up online and invite your friends to do the same!

Habitat for Humanity Quilts

We need your help! Here's what you can do:
  • Pick up a block kit (or several of them) from Jean at any meeting. Take it home, sew your blocks, bring them back next month.
  • Get a top's worth of completed blocks from Jean and sew them together. We'll give you directions on how to do that.
  • Volunteer to layer, baste and quilt a top. We will provide batting and backing.
  • Make the binding and stitch it onto the quilt. This part is like tying the ribbon on a gift!
  • Let your contribution be modern fabric or cozy batting. Jean can give you guidelines.
  • Become a permanent member of the Habitat team! Sometimes we need help in a hurry.
  • Design a quilt for Habitat and be in charge of getting it made.
  • Attend a Habitat Home dedication ceremony and present our quilt to the family!

Sherri Owens (left) wraps up in her quilt every night

Please contact Jean if you want to help. Our work with Habitat is extremely appreciated, not only by the staff, but by the families. We hear heart-warming affirmations from the people who receive our quilts. One recipient told Jean,

"Every night when I come home from work, 
I wrap up in that quilt!"

Satisfying words indeed. 

Show and Tell

Posted by Audrey on 13 Feb, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Viewpoints and Q-points" panel shares views about making quilts

panel discussion graphic
Got a favorite quilting tool, resource or technique?
Come and listen to ChattMQG panel members
as they share their quilting viewpoints and experiences.
Have you ever wondered what a fellow quilter’s favorite thread is, the latest tool or gadget s/he’s excited about, or what tips they have for getting perfect bindings? If so, you won’t want to miss “Viewpoints and Q-points,” a panel discussion set for the February Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

As with many quilters, you've likely studied and learned your craft from myriad resources and have developed “your own” ways of doing things. But perhaps there is something that you’ve been contemplating... or struggling with. Could one of your fellow guild members have a brilliant solution or tip that you hadn’t thought of? Come and find out at the February 11 guild meeting.

In “Viewpoints and Q-points,” panel participants and ChattMQG members Jackie Cory, Theresa Kitchell, Carolyn Rippee, Joan Thornbury and our panel moderator, Veronica Hofman-Ortega, will share their experiences and views on a broad range of quilting topics—from choosing fabrics and design inspiration to favorite tools and the use of technology in the quiltmaking process. With a robust list of questions planned for the panel members—several taken directly from the 2016 brainstorming session—we hope to have a lively and informative discussion… and possibly provide an answer to a quilting quandary you’ve been pondering.