Friday, September 20, 2013

September Meeting Recap--Part II

Part II of the September Meeting recap is all about why we come to the ChattMQG. . .

Lottery Blocks

The Lottery Blocks have become an exciting portion of our monthly meetings since Gayle introduced them early this year. We look forward to seeing the blocks created from this challenge. This month's blocks were no exception, the Japanese x-and-+. The blocks were collected, the winner was drawn and Kathleen went home with a whole bunch of these beauties. Who wouldn't love a quilt made from these?

Gayle presented the Lottery Block for October; The Urban Chicken Block, designed by Michelle Freedman for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's August BOM. The block should measure 12 1/2" square and can use any colorway you prefer. Here is the link to the online tutorial.  Sorry, there wasn't a pdf download for this one.

Gayle also shared a few of her urban chicken blocks in various stages of completion.

Show and Tell

We all agree that Show and Tell is one of our favorite parts of the meeting. It is a chance to flaunt our work and share a bit of ourselves. This months showing did not disappoint!

Josie showed this beautiful quilt. It is hard to believe she's only been quilting about a year.

Jean shared two Kaufmann challenge quilts she made a few years ago. Jean obviously likes challenging herself and entering her work in shows. BTW, the quilt she shared last month was accepted to the AQS QuiltWeek—Des Moines show. Congratulations Jean!

 I showed my Color Wheel Quilt. I have wanted to make this before I even started quilting. It makes me smile.

Gerry shared her pillows that she made almost 20 years ago. She has always been a modern quilter.

BJ shared more of her Tula Pink blocks. I think she has made more than fifty now.

Tricia had a big showing this month. She shared her bag, "girly utility belt" and chicken.
The "girly utility belt" tool belt is a class available at Ready-Set-Sew.

 Jackie, too, shared several projects. Her pillow and quilt, both made from her own hand-dyed fabrics and this scrappy star quilt.

Ava shared this beauty. Her mother purchased the kit several years ago. Ava is determined to get it finished. The colors on this top are amazing. I feel sure this will become a family treasure.

Mary shared her art quilt, an original design and this beautiful silk tie quilt. 

Kathleen shared her needle-turn appliqué piece. She used bold, solid colors to make it feel modern.

Sandi showed her grandson's T-shirt quilt. She made this quilt when her grandson was in the 5th grade. He is now a senior in high school. The quilt has come back to Sandi for a minor repair before it heads off to college.
I would say this is one loved quilt!

Melissa showed off her beautiful hand-dyed fabrics.

I owe Denise and Janet an apology for not getting pictures of their finished quilts. They were both beautiful and I hope they will share them again. I promise to get pictures.

The Program

Learning new techniques is another part of the meetings we all enjoy. BJ presented a great program on Crazy Piecing from the book, Modern Quilting, by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. While BJ admitted she didn't completely follow the instructions in the book, she walked us through the basics and shared her approach to this scrap-busting technique. She made this technique easy to understand and completed quite a few blocks in the process.

I think we can all agree that this is why we keep coming back. It is always a great show of talent.


Monday, September 16, 2013

September Meeting Recap-Part I

I am dividing our September meeting recap into two parts--Business and Fun, as Sandi put it.

Sandi opened the meeting welcoming our visitors and thanking Bernina Sew-N-Quilt for hosting us this month. She then got down to business. The first order of business was the selection/election of Officers. Joan announced the slate of Officers as selected by the nominating committee. Sandi opened nominations, for each office, to the floor. There were no nominations from the floor and the Officers as selected were approved and seconded. The 2014 ChattMQG Officers are:

Janet Suber, President
Pam McCallie, Vice President
Melissa Klingensmith, Secretary
Susan Lawson, Treasurer

This is where the meeting got really exciting! A ballot vote was taken for the issue of joining the national Modern Quilt Guild. In a unanimous decision, we voted to become an official Modern Quilt Guild! It is great to see us come together as a guild to make this decision.

Announcements were made regarding our remaining meetings for the year. The October meeting will again be held at Bernina Sew-N-Quilt on the 12th @10:00 a.m. The November meeting will be held on Thursday, November 14th @Spool, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. This will be our Holiday Swap Party. We are asking everyone who would like to participate in the swap to bring a small, handmade gift. If you bring a gift, you will go home with a gift! We will also have a door prize drawing. We are asking for small items; fat quarters, mini charms, charm packs, notions, etc., to be donated for the door prize. Everyone who brings an item will have a chance to win. Food and drinks will be provided.

As we gear up for our 2014 program schedule, we are asking for your fabric scraps. We will be using them throughout the new year in various programs, for technique and skill-building activities. Please bring your scraps to our remaining two meetings so we will be ready to sew in January.

We are still in search for a regular meeting location for next year. If you know of any location that will accommodate our guild (25+ attendees), please send us an

I think that covers the business portion of our September meeting. A big thanks goes out to Sandi for making this process less painful!

Part II of the September Meeting will be posted later this week, so be sure to check back.

Our Member Monday feature will return next week.

Make it Modern,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Member Monday—Joan Thornbury

Today's Member Monday and Logo Block feature is Joan Thornbury. Here is what Joan shared…

"I have been quilting about 13 years.  I had always wanted to try piecing a quilt, so when my daughter graduated from GPS, I could not wait to cut up her uniforms and make a quilt.  That was the beginning of being hooked on quilting.

My compass has always directed me into some form of needlework.  I knew a lady in the neighborhood where I grew up - my parent's generation and originally from the Phillippines.  Trudy ended up on Signal Mountain with a WWII American husband.  Our relationship began when I was about 8 years old.  Trudy taught me to knit and crochet.  Susan, a neighbor friend, and I visited Trudy a lot over the years.  A couple of years ago, Susan's father died, we reconnected and went to see Trudy.  At age 96, she was being taken care of by her 2 daughters she left behind in the Phillippines 60 plus years prior.  (I did not know they existed until that last visit with Trudy.)  Susan and I shared a purpose for her and she was quite the mentor and inspiration for me.  Trudy died a few months later.

For about 25 years, while raising my children, I designed counted cross stitch patterns.  People would send me a photo of their homes and I would convert that to a pattern for cross stitch, through a mail order business.  (Ironically, I got a note from a lady named Susan from Indiana that said "I saw your ad and knew Joan from Signal Mountain had to be you!")  I had not spoken to her since we drifted apart after high school.  My business also included about 16 designs of Chattanooga buildings and landmarks.
Modern quilting was intriguing to me because it was fresh and new.  We moved to a condo downtown 4 years ago which has a modern flare.  So naturally the quilts were underway.  I love the negative space, simple structure and the new quilting designs as well.

Rarely a day goes by without quilting in it.  It is calming, it is creative, it is my passion and it is my therapy!"

I have only known Joan for a short time, but am in awe of her talent—even more so having read her story! Thanks for sharing with us Joan.

Joan's logo block is featured in the ChattMQG Header.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

September Meeting

The Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on the second Saturday in September.

The Guild will meet at the Bernina Sew N Quilt Studio at 5950 Shallowford Road in Chattanooga, TN at 10 am on September 14.

Please bring your Lottery Blocks for the monthly drawing.  In case you need the link:  Check this blog post for the details.

Bring Show and Tell items.

We are still asking for suggestions of meeting places.  If you have a meeting place in mind please bring it for sharing.

Come and have a fun, exciting and informative time at our meeting.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Member Monday — Sandi Suggs

Today's Member Monday and Logo Block feature is Sandi Suggs. Here is Sandi's story…

"I started sewing seriously when I was twelve years old and received my first sewing machine for a Christmas present.  I started making my own clothes and continued doing that for many years.  After I was married I took classes in couture sewing and learned to make tailored clothing for my spouse and myself.  I made many of my husband's suits, slacks, and sport coats.  I made a lot of my daughter's clothing until she went away to college.

I became a self-taught quilter in the 80s.  I did not grow up with an awareness of quilters.  My gran and my mom did beautiful embroidery, tatting, knitting and crocheting.  It was not until about 10 years ago that I realized my other grandma made quilts.  I never saw her making quilts.

I began taking quilting classes at local shops and attending national quilting shows where there were lots of experts offering class.  I took many classes and from that I developed my style.  Later, I decided to teach quilting classes and developed a small "cottage industry" roster of classes and workshops.

Early in my quilt-making experience I began to do things a "little off the main path" with doing some quilts using asymmetry and some strong color combos.  About two years ago, the Modern Quilt Movement caught my attention on line.  I am now totally enmeshed in the whole of the "modern aesthetic".

So, now for almost thirty years, I have been quilting.  I don't choose to quilt; I MUST quilt.  It is from my soul and my heart and is as important for me as having air to breathe!"

I had the privilege of taking a class from Sandi several years ago. She is an outstanding teacher and has become a good friend!

Thanks for sharing your story Sandi.

Sandi designed two logo blocks for the challenge. One is featured in the ChattMQG Header. Her second block is shown here, to the right.