Monday, December 31, 2012

Open House for the Chattanooga Modern Quilters

We  had a great turnout, Saturday, December 8, at Sew-Bee-It for our CMQC open house.

The welcoming committee: Pam, Gayle and Sandi.
Sew-Bee-It graciously allowed to display our modern quilts.

 There were lots of tasty treats to snack on!

And a big thank you to Gloria for letting us Modern Quilters invade Sew-Be- It!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


On Saturday the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild hosted an Open House and Quilt Show at Sew Bee It Quilt Shop.  We invited all of our quilting communities to join us to find out what "Modern Quilting" is all about.

We had a fabulous turnout!!  Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other and viewing the quilts that were displayed throughout the quilt shop.

Our thanks goes to SewBeeIt for being our host quilt shop and providing us with a lovely door prize which was won by Janet Suber.  Everyone was eyeing that fat quarter bundle with fingers crossed!

We had several guests express interest in joining our group and will be attending our meeting on January 12th to see what we are all about.

Special thanks to Debra Nance for bringing our Logo Badges to us.  She did a superb job with the embroidery on these.  Our thanks to Pam McCallie for the awesome design of our logo.

Our photographer, Jean Larson, will be posting pictures soon and our Challenge Chair, Janet Suber will be posting about our upcoming Madrona Road Challenge from Michael Miller Fabrics.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the January 12th meeting.

Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is Modern Quilting?

We have had a lot of folks ask "What is Modern Quilting" and now is your chance to find out.  Sew Bee It and the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild have modern quilts and projects hung for the month of December!  And many of our guild members have provided their own statements of what modern quilting means to them.

If you are in the south and traveling for the holidays, Sew Bee It is located just off of I-75 at exit 348 in north Georgia, about 1 1/2 miles west of the freeway--a great spot to get out, stretch your legs and enjoy some quilts!

We will kick off the month with an Open House on December 8th, from 10 am to 1 pm.  So if you are in the area, be sure to stop by and see us!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chattanooga MQG Logo Patch

Hello Gals,

Debra has forwarded me some info for the embroidered logo patch, so bear with me...

If you would like to stitch out your own patch, then let her know the following:
--format and version (such as PES v.5).
--design is set up to stitch on cotton, so if you want to stitch on canvas or a light sheer fabric, let her know and she will make adjustments as needed.

Debra did check with her resources and the lettering at the bottom will be too small, so it will not be on the logo.  I think  this is just a great opportunity for folks to ask "just what is Chatt MQG?"!

If you would like Debra to do the stitching on white, cotton twill, she will be happy to do so.  The first patch will be complimentary and any additional patches will be $5.  If you have a garment or tote that you would like embroidered, contact Debra and she will get you a price based on the degree of difficulty in setting it up.

If you would like her to do your patch as a name tag or badge, she can do that as well.  You would need to provide her your name as you would like it to appear--especially if it is a nickname or unusual spelling.

Hopefully she will have an updated sample soon and I will post a picture when we have one.

A big thank you to Debra for this great way to share our guild!  And Pam for the great logo!!

And don't forget about those challenge blocks.  I can't wait to see everyone's in January!


Monday, November 12, 2012

The November Meeting, Part 2

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The November Meeting, Part 1

Hello Gals,

We filled the class room at Sew Bee It Saturday and had a great morning talking all things Modern Quilts!

Sandi found a new resource for Modern Quilters-- check out on the web.

And Debra let us know that TVQA will be hosting a Modern Quilting workshop at their spring symposium.  Check with her if you would like some more details.

Pam presented our first Chatt MQG block challenge.  If you look at the center of the logo--it is a modern quilt block.  Here is Pam's version in fabric, 10 1/2" by 10 1/2"--

Pam's challenge is to create your own version of a modern quilt block.  She supplied each member of the guild with a package of fabrics and the guidelines to complete your block.

I love the question marks where the block would be!!

While the official logo for the group will not change, we are looking forward to changing out the "block" from time to time and using the blocks to make our guild banner.

If you were not able to join us yesterday, check with a friend--I know several packs were picked for for gals or let us know and we will get one to you!

Have fun and have a block ready for our January 12, 2013!

And in her spare time, she designed a postcard to get the word out about the guild--

 Thanks for all the great designing Pam!!!

And Debra has been busy as well.  She has digitized our logo and will have embroidery discs and embroideries available for us.  My notes are a little sketchy on this part, so as soon as she has more details, I will pass them on!

Our next meeting is December 8 and it is going to be a special day.  The Modern Quilts will be hung and Sew Bee It will be opening the doors!  We did have a few quilts already turned over to Martha and some are even hung Saturday afternoon.  Remember November 27th is the day to have your Modern Quilt to the shop, along with your statement of what modern quilting means to you.  When you drop them off, be sure to have your name and quilt name included on the list of quilts at the shop.  I will send out the list of gals bringing food by email and a big thanks to everyone for being so generous!  Especially at this busy time of year!

For the January program, Sandi will be presenting an overview of the first four chapters of the "Quilting Modern" book.  This is essentially a "Modern Quilting" toolbox of sorts.  It will be a good recap for those experienced quilters and a great catch up for any newer quilters.

Catherine presented the program for November.  She showed us some great Christmas fabric ornaments that can be as easy or ornate as you want to make them!

 They can be as intricate as stitching multiples together for a fuller look, stitching the edges or simply pinking them, using ribbon, rick rack to hang and all kinds of shining, glittery things can by glued down on top!  I think I am going to have to make some gift tags with fabric on one side and card stock on the back--too fun!

I will email out the master shapes Catherine brought with her or make your own!

I will follow up with part 2 in the next couple of days--there was some great show and tell to share!!




Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saturday Sew In

Sew Bee It has offered to let the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild have a Sew In day this Saturday after our meeting!  If you don't already have plans, bring your current project, a quilt that has you stuck, or a project you would like some company while you work!  Feel free to bring your machine or a hand project.  We will have the classroom open to us until 2:30 or so.

I know it is short notice, but looking forward to a chance to spend some time with the Modern Quilt gals!  Any questions, just drop a line--


Monday, November 5, 2012

November Meeting this Saturday

Hello Modern Quilt Gals,

Our next meeting is this week, Nov 10 at 10 am.  Catherine will be presenting our program and we have some fun projects to get under way.  We will finalize plans for our Modern Quilt Show at Sew Bee It in the month of December and our open house on December 8.  It will be our own "Modern Quilt Month"!

If you have been working on the Modern Mystery quilt, bring what you have done so far.  Maybe we will get to see Janet's finished quilt...and if you have a copy of "Quilting Modern", our book for next year, bring it along.

See you Saturday!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the Road...

Crimson Tate in Indianapolis, IN
I was on the road the other week, visiting relatives in Indianapolis, IN.  And when I head out on a trip, I like to see what quilt shops I can find along the way.  This time the find is "Crimson Tate", a modern quilt store in the heart of Indianapolis.  So after visiting the Indy Art Museum, my aunt, uncle and I headed over to check out the shop.  What a fun shop!  The owner is Heather Givans and the shop has been open for just over a year.  Heather is a Purdue graduate and my uncle was a professor at the university, so there was even a round of the school fight song.

Uncle Jack amusing himself while my aunt and I shopped.
Heather has lots of modern quilt fabrics, patterns and accessories.  All of her furnishings are items she has collected along the way, so a great blend of old and new.  She is located in up coming neighborhood with the most amazing chocolate shop just up the block, so even more reasons to make a stop if you are traveling through.

On my way home I headed over to Cincinnati, OH and stopped by "Silk Road Textiles".  This is a new shop as well.  It's been open for 2 1/2 months and it's off to a great start.  Lots of contemporary fabrics and some cool yarns--perfect for the fiber artist!  

Both of these spots are definitely on my map to stop by next time I head north!


PS.  If you have any modern quilt experiences you would like to share with our group, send them along to me and I'll get them posted!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Meeting

Hello Modern Quilting Gals,

What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!  So good to see everyone and if you were not able to join us, I'll get you caught up on what happened...

We have been invited by Sew Bee It to hang our Modern Quilt projects in the shop during the month of December.  Gloria and Martha would like to have quilts by the end of November (I'll confirm exactly when) and they will be hanging until the first of the new year.  There was a big list of quilts by the end of the meeting and if you were not with us today, just let Sandi know if you would still like to hang a quilt or one of the modern projects.  Also, because there have been so many questions about "what is Modern Quilting", we are each going to write a brief statement about what Modern Quilting means to us to be posted as well...I can't wait to see all the different perspectives!!

We narrowed down the choices for the book to use for inspiration for next year and the winner is...

Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen.  If you would like to have Sew Bee It order a copy for you, just let Martha know.  We will start sign-ups for programs at the November meeting for the first months of the new year.

A number of gals have been working on the American Quilter's Society's Modern Mystery Quilt. So spoiler alert--Janet shared her progress--

It is an easy pattern and lots of fun.  If you haven't tried a "modern quilt" before, it is a great place to start.  The most challenging part is the half circle curves.  Sandi has a great blog with pictures on a great method for perfect stitching at her blog.  I was so inspired that I came home and have week one completed now.

Melissa Klingensmith presented the October program from the Modern Mix book.  She showed us her version of the Color Block Tablecloth--Melissa made a table runner from the center of the   pattern.  She used sea inspired batiks and added triangles to the ends to finish the look.

She even made a candle to match!  And yes, it is a Christmas present!

And then it was time for show and tell--

Susan was busy making several quilts with the modern twist that included flying geese--

And a helicopter inspired quilt.

Gerry made a great quilt be "upcycling" an old crazy quilt that she had made before but did not like...

And here is Gerry's great convergence quilt--

See everyone next month!!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Modern Mystery Quilt

Hello Modern Quilters,

Ever wanted to do a Mystery Quilt?  Well now there is a Modern Mystery Quilt available on American Quilter's Society blog at  The quilt pattern has been designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr and it is the first of six parts to make a quilt that will measure 50" x 80" and should be great for beginners as well as experienced quilters!  The six parts will be rolled out once a week for the next six Wednesdays, starting today.

A big thanks to Janet Suber for sharing the info!!

Have fun,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Meeting Recap

We had a great turnout for the September meeting this past Saturday.  It was announced that the new web page is up and running!  I am still learning lots about Blogger and how to get what I want on the page, so be sure to check back for changes and updates.  Pam McCallie showed off our new logo--thanks so much for the wonderful graphic logo!  

This is a second version of the logo--the colors are not quite as vivid as the examples Pam showed us, so I'll be working to figure out how to get the same beautiful colors on the web page.  And Debra Nance is going to digitize the logos.  So if you have your own embroidery machine, she will share with you or she is willing to make patches of the logos for those of us without embroidery machines.  What a great group of gals!!

So far we have five of us headed down to Austin, TX in February for the first QuiltCon.  If you want to find out more about the first Modern Quilt Guild quilt show, head over to  Gayle Grier, Janet Suber, Jean Larson, Sandi Suggs and Ava Moore will be headed south on the 21st to the 24th.  If you want to join us, we do have made hotel arrangements for the group, but travel arrangements are on your own so far.

We looked at a few different books for our program inspiration for next year.  Among the books we reviewed there was Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering; Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman; We Love Color compiled by Susanne Woods and Block Party by Alissa Haight Carlton.  Let us know if you have any suggestions and we'll be making a decision at the October meeting.  Other suggestions were the Modern Quilts Illustrated by Weeks Ringle.  There were also some great projects discussed, like a guild project for QuiltCon 2014, accept QuiltCon 2013 blocks to join into a quilt for donation and doing a group improvisational block quilt for donation.  A lot of great ideas for the year ahead!

I will get our show & tell pictures up on a Picasa account shortly and put a link to the web page--one more thing to learn!  So stay tuned...

Pam McCallie lead the program showing her Clementine Applique Quilt.  It is not from the Modern Mix book, but a link for the free pattern will be listed below.  Here is Pam's quilt--

She used the new Denise Scmidt Chickapee fabrics for the applique.

Some of the "leaves" were pieced for additional detail and some were not.  And she had a fun binding detail--

The place to go to find the pattern is  If you are not a "member" of the website, you will have to sign up.  Then find the free class by Elizabeth Hartman called Creative Quilt Backs.  You sign up for the free class and then the pattern is in the materials and resources part of the class.  We had so many fun quilt backs at the meeting, that is most be the happening topic!  I am about halfway through the "class" and have already picked up a few great tips on improving my quilt backs and there is a free pattern to boot!

Our next meeting is October 13, so hope to see you there!!!


Monday, September 3, 2012

September Meeting

The September meeting of the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild is this week!  If your are interested in this new concept of "modern quilting", come join us Saturday, Sept. 8, at 10am.  We meet at Sew Bee It, located at 6103 Old Alabama Road, Ringgold, GA.  It is just off of Hwy 75, at exit 348.

We will be talking about the first Modern Quilt Show--QuiltCon--taking place in Austin, TX in February 2013.  Also about projects for next year's meeting and an update on the new webpage for the group.

Of course there will be show and tell and our program will be an applique project--you won't want to miss it!!

See you Saturday,

Ava Moore

Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to the web home of the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild!  Thanks for stopping by to check us out.  While our guild name may be Chattanooga, we are a group of quilters that meet from all parts of the Chattanooga and north Georgia area.  In fact, we meet at Sew Bee It, located in Ringgold, GA.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful local quilt shop in our area that supports modern and traditional quilters alike.  If you would like to join us, we meet at 10 am on the second Saturday of each month.  Shortly we will have posted some of the projects we have been working on this year to share and look forward to seeing what you are working on!

Ava Moore
Web Seamstress