Thursday, November 19, 2015

November Meeting Recap

Our meeting began in a frenzy as we collected:
  • Dues for 2016, $30 per member
  • Quilts and forms for our December guild quilt show
  • Water blocks and scraps for our improv charity quilt

Report on AQS Volunteers from Dawn Harkness
  • Our payment for volunteering during the September show is $302.
  • Kathleen McMullen will be volunteer coordinator for 2016 QuiltWeek Chattanooga
  • Aprons were awarded to our top five volunteers for this year’s show
  • Next year will likely be the last year AQS comes to Chattanooga

Our plans for the December 12th meeting
  • It’s a party! Bring finger food
  • We’ll have our quilt show from Design Series work. Prizes will be awarded.
  • We’ll open the cards we wrote in January about our modern quilting goals
  • If you bring a handmade gift for the swap, you will take another home

Quilt Week Opportunity Quilt—Do we want to make the one for 2016?
  • What is it? A quilt that is displayed just inside the main entrance to AQS
  • Patrons have the opportunity to buy a ticket with a $1 donation to a designated charity; winning ticket gets the quilt
  • This year Chattanooga Quilters raised $1300 with their Opportunity Quilt; last year they raised $900.
  • The ticket tumbler and hanger would be provided
  • We would make the quilt from supplies purchased with guild funds.

It was suggested that we:
  • Form a committee of five people to plan the project
  • Committee presents idea to guild at our December meeting
  • Members can make and contribute blocks or sections of the quilt
  • We have to make the decision of whether or not we will do this by December
  • We could do pre-sale of tickets
  • We supply everything but the tumbler (tickets, advertising, signs, quilt, people)

Hart Gallery Update (Gerry Haywood)
  • The project with Christmas trees and plain ornaments worked well with the clients
  • This was our last time to volunteer there
  • The gallery people were most appreciative and made a cake to thank our volunteers
  • The team Sandy quilt was sold at auction for $250
  • The team Denise quilt is still for sale 

Team Jean Quilt Presented to Habitat for Humanity
  • Jean explained how our guild made four charity quilts in 2014 starting with bags of unwanted scraps
  • New Habitat homeowner Cornelia was surprised and delighted to receive the quilt
  • Team Janet will try to get their quilt finished so that it can be presented at the next Habitat home opening in January

Election of Officers for 2016
Pam presented a slate of officers and three people were duly elected:
President—Audrey Workman
Secretary—Sharon Griffith
Treasurer—Jean Larson

Modern Quilt Guild Charity Project
Audrey explained what our guild is making and collected the water blocks.

Brainstorming Session
Veronica directed us as we formulated ideas for next year’s programs and directions. She began by asking us to close our eyes and classify our ability levels with these results:

Rate Yourself
Confident     Beginner
Quilting in General
Specifically Modern Quilting
Ideas from the brainstorming session follow.


Suggested Workshop Instructors
Chawne Kimber
Maria Shell
Gwen Marston
Libs Elliott
Elizabeth Hartman
Jacquie Gering
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Nancy Purvis
Heather Jones
Michelle Wilkie
Katie Pasquini Masapust
Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr
Anna Maria Horner

(Karen Downer volunteered to teach basics.)

Piecing curves      1 vote
Blocking the quilt
Pressing seams
Piecing inserts      1 vote
Squaring up blocks and quilts      1 vote
Grainline and cutting
Consistency with cutting (no wonky strips)
Improv piecing      3 votes
Modern quilting techniques      2 votes

Sources for inspiration
Where to start
Principles of design      1 vote
Process for starting
Color theory      1 vote
Patterns for modern quilts
Exercises for designing quilts      11 votes
Round robins
Scale      5 votes
Pattern design/writing patterns      3 votes
Choosing fabrics      4 votes
Quilts from other countries

Principles of Modern Quilts—How to create a modern composition
All      1 vote
Negative space
Basic guidelines
Pixelation      1 vote
Modern vs art/contemporary quilts      1 vote
What is modern stitching/quilting and how to do it      2 votes
Modern traditionalism
Graffiti quilting

Abstraction—steps explaining how to do it      5 votes
Software—quilting, design      3 votes
Slide presentation and discussion of modern quilts
English Paper Piecing (EPP)
Quilting apps      2 votes
Incorporating “other” fabrics in modern quilts
Machine features and tools
Navigating the MQG website
Mentor/hands on working

 Logistics for Meetings
Sit and sew
Exercises—mini groups/bees
Chairs vs tables
Extra ideas
Bring design walls and parts and design a quilt

Show and Tell

I accidentally cut off a few heads and don't have i.d.s for all the quilts. If you have one to claim or can help me out, please comment below and I'll try to fix that!

Karen Downer

Karen Downer. DO NOT use blue chalk!

Patricia Steadman

Mary Keasler

Toni Faidley

Toni Faidley

Theresa Kitchell

Theresa Kitchell

Sandi Suggs

Jackie Cory

Jackie Cory

Jean Larson

Jean Larson

Jean Larson

Jean Larson

Gerry Haywood

Gerry Haywood


  1. The last 2 photos are the front and back of Gerry Haywood's quilt.

  2. The first 2 quilts were made by Nancy Packard.
    The falling stars quilt was made by Diana Morris.
    The "plus" quilt was made by Vanessa King.

  3. The first 2 quilts were made by Nancy Packard.
    The falling stars quilt was made by Diana Morris.
    The "plus" quilt was made by Vanessa King.